The Ecomusicology ESeminar (ESem) is administered by the Ecomusicology Review editorial team via the Ecomusicology-List Google Group. All emails on that group are archived, and the ESem exchanges are formatted for archiving in the Ecomusicology Review of the year the ESem occurred.

Each Esem features a paper (by one or more authors), a response (usually by one author), and an open discussion available to all members of the Group. The discussion takes place asynchronously via email over a prescribed time period, and it is organized by a moderator. The moderator will introduce the ESem, articulate the various stages (see below), and may help refocus the discussion if needed.

There are three goals of the ESem:

  1. Spark a productive exchange among all participants on issues of shared interest.
  2. Assist a colleague with constructive feedback, workshop style.
  3. Keep the dialogue going between conferences.

For some that will mean focusing on the specifics of the paper, whereas for others it might be a matter of engaging in discussion around intersecting theoretical or topical interests generated from their reading of the paper (or of the response or discussion).

Each ESem unfolds over the period of about a month and involves three stages, which the Moderator will announce in advance and reiterate as necessary.

  1. The paper is provided for all to read (approximately one week).
  2. The response is provided for all to read, and the author(s) may respond shortly thereafter or wait until later (approximately one week).
  3. The discussion is open to everyone on the list for active exchange and dialogue (approximately two weeks).

The main focus of the ESem is discussion!  Any messages posted prior to the start of discussion will be held and released at the start of the third stage (otherwise, things get very confusing for everyone).  At the conclusion of the ESem, the moderator will close the floor for discussion, format the discussion for archiving, and submit it to the Ecomusicology Review editor.

If you are interested in being a moderator, author, or respondent for an ESem, get in touch!