VOLUME 6 (2018)


Listen and Learn [PDF], by Jessica Schwartz

Response, by Denise Von Glahn

ESeminar discussion, moderated by Mark Pedelty, with emailed contributions from Tyler Kinnear, Jeff Todd Titon, Matt Brennan, Mark Pedelty, Jessica Schwartz, and Andrew Mark

Editor’s Note: The material presented in this section of vol. 6 consists of the inaugural “ESeminar” conducted via the Ecomusicology-List Google Group in January and February of 2018. The full ESeminar—consisting of a reading (week 1), a formal response (week 2), and the ensuing email conversation (weeks 3-6)—has been posted here for archival purposes. The material presented did not undergo Ecomusicology Review‘s normal editorial processes.

Special thanks to Mark Pedelty for moderating and archiving the ESeminar.