The Ecomusicology Review (ISSN 2576-4942) was published as the Ecomusicology Newsletter in 2012-15 (ISSN 2576-4969). Selected content also published at the Ecomusicology section of the “Sounding Board” of the Ethnomusicology Review.

In early 2018, we started an “Ecomusicology ESeminar” via the Ecomusicology-List Google Group. The papers and responses are formatted and archived in the individual volumes of Ecomusicology Review. Find out more about the Ecomusicology ESeminar here.

Interested in contributing to the Ecomusicology Review? See the Instructions for Authors.

Ecomusicology Review Executive Board

Editor: Aaron S. Allen

Associate (Web) Editor: Jacob A. Cohen

Assistant Editor: [vacant]

Editorial Board Members: William BaresSabine Feisst, Sebastian Hachmeyer, Mark Pedelty, Denise Von Glahn, Dylan Price

Editorial Board Guests: Heidi L. Jensen (AMS ESG), Emily MacCallum (AMS ESG), Ludim Pedroza (AMS ESG), Megan Murph (AMS ESG), Jason Busniewski (SEM ESIG), Kimberly Marshall (SEM ESIG)

Image on this page is the Music Box Village, New Orleans, LA. Photo by Josh Brasted, used with permission.