VOLUME 3 (2014)

Published as Ecomusicology Newsletter, available in PDF only.


Reclaim & Sustain: Homemade Instruments in Music Education, by Sara Louise Soltau, 1-5

Pete Seeger (1919-2014), by Jeff Todd Titon, 6-7

Classical Music in the Anthropocene, by Nathan Currier, 8-12 & 30-51


Ecomusicologies 2014, by Tyler Kinnear, 13-14


Ecomusicologies 2013, by Dan Bendrups, 15

AMS 2013: Ecocriticism Study Group, by Kate Galloway & Rachel Mundy, 15

Hearing Landscape Critically, by Daniel M. Grimley & Carina Venter, 16-18

Ecomusicology in the News, by Michael Silvers, 18-19

Teaching Ecomusicology

Music, Place, People: An Audiovisual Learning Project, by Mark Pedelty & Melody Hoffman, 20-22

Performance and Place

Approaches to Place in Recent Field Recordings, Part 3, by Tyler Kinnear, 23-27

Serenading the Mountains, by Graham Smith-White, 28-29


Biographies, 52

Editorial Board, 52