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The Musical Bamboos of the Bolivian Andes: An Interdisciplinary Ecomusicology

by Sebastian Hachmeyer My interdisciplinary research on the Musical Bamboos of the Bolivian Andes includes topics and approaches related to various (sub)disciplines and fields of study such as ethnomusicology and organology, plant ecology and phenology, geobotany and phytogeography, sustainability studies and natural resource management, ecological economics and political ecology, as well as anthropology [...]

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Saving the Songwood: Global Consumption, Sustainability, and Value

by Alex Smith Abstract The gyil, a Ghanaian xylophone, is caught at the intersection of environmental sustainability, global market strains, and its cultural relevance. Ghanaian people value the gyil’s primary material, the endangered African rosewood (Pterocarpus erinaceus, also called lera, liga, or nera by certain indigenous communities in Ghana’s northern regions where the [...]

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“Scarce Inferior to the Nightingale”: Hermit Thrush Song as a Symbol of Cultural Identity in Anglophone North America

by Emily Doolittle Abstract The hermit thrush (Catharus guttatus) is a small songbird, widespread across  North America. During breeding season, which is spent in the western and northeastern United States and the southern half of Canada, the hermit thrush sings a song which is widely considered beautiful. This song has featured prominently in [...]

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Between Soundtrack and Soundscape: Toward an Integrated Hearing of Landscape

by Joshua Groffman Abstract This article seeks an account of how music and sound participate in the socio-cultural mediation of landscape. I adopt perspectives from previous ecomusicological studies, as well as the field of soundscape ecology, for my analysis. Using as a case study the marketing of a multi-million-dollar estate in the Hudson [...]

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Ecomusicology & Place: Course Design and Implementation in a Sustainability Studies Learning Environment

by James T. Spartz Abstract Course design and implementation for ecomusicology courses vary depending on the instructor’s background and institutional learning environment. Drawing on participation in a two-part ecomusicology panel presented at the International Environmental Communication Association’s 2019 conference and a subsequent weeklong Citizen Artist residency, the author developed an Ecomusicology & Place [...]

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Eco-Music Theory

by Edwin K. C. Li Abstract In this article, I suggest that music theory, currently not being on the radar of ecomusicology, can offer ecomusicology a critical awareness of and sensibility to our relationship with nature itself that is neither apocalyptic nor nostalgic (Rehding 2011), but conceptual. Rather than merely asking questions about [...]

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Birdsong and its Socio-Cultural and Environmental Implications Among the Yoruba People of Nigeria

by Olusegun Stephen Titus Abstract Like many genres of song, nature songs contain philosophical principles which can be derived for human learning. This paper examines natural elements as socio-cultural signifiers in a selected song by Christopher Omotoso. One of his songs contains bird metaphors that re-enact the socio-cultural philosophies of the Yoruba people [...]

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Water Sounds: Four Essays

by Marcus Zagorski Abstract These four essays follow the course of water and its sounds: beginning from snow, moving through seasonal streams, to rivers, and ending in oceans. My hearings of place—in, respectively, the Carpathian Mountains of Slovakia, the hills above Portola Valley in California, the Danube river near Bratislava, and the Atlantic [...]

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A New or Another Sound Map: Annea Lockwood and Mark Sciuchetti Listen to the Hudson River

by Denise Von Glahn and Mark Sciuchetti Authors’ Note The following article is the result of a collaborative project between Denise Von Glahn, Professor of Musicology at Florida State University (FSU), and Mark Sciuchetti, newly appointed Assistant Professor of Geography at Jacksonville State University. They met at FSU while Sciuchetti was pursuing degrees [...]

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ESeminar Discussion

From: Mark Pedelty, Mon, Feb 5, 2018 at 10:25 AM The floor is now open for a lively exchange around Jessica’s paper, Denise’s response, and the fascinating issues that they have introduced to get the conversation started. You can find Jessica’s paper and Denise’s response by revisiting your archived list of emails, the ER site, or [...]

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