“Scarce Inferior to the Nightingale”: Hermit Thrush Song as a Symbol of Cultural Identity in Anglophone North America

by Emily Doolittle Abstract The hermit thrush (Catharus guttatus) is a small songbird, widespread across  North America. During breeding season, which is spent in the western and northeastern United States and the southern half of Canada, the hermit thrush sings a song which is widely considered beautiful. This song has featured prominently in [...]

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Between Soundtrack and Soundscape: Toward an Integrated Hearing of Landscape

by Joshua Groffman Abstract This article seeks an account of how music and sound participate in the socio-cultural mediation of landscape. I adopt perspectives from previous ecomusicological studies, as well as the field of soundscape ecology, for my analysis. Using as a case study the marketing of a multi-million-dollar estate in the Hudson [...]

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Ecomusicology & Place: Course Design and Implementation in a Sustainability Studies Learning Environment

by James T. Spartz Abstract Course design and implementation for ecomusicology courses vary depending on the instructor’s background and institutional learning environment. Drawing on participation in a two-part ecomusicology panel presented at the International Environmental Communication Association’s 2019 conference and a subsequent weeklong Citizen Artist residency, the author developed an Ecomusicology & Place [...]

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