VOLUME 9 (2022-24)

Research Report

The interdisciplinary research on the Musical Bamboos of the Bolivian Andes includes topics and approaches related to various (sub)disciplines and fields of study such as ethnomusicology and organology, plant ecology and phenology, geobotany and phytogeography, sustainability studies and natural resource management, ecological economics and political ecology, as well as anthropology of music and the environment. Inspired by ecomusicological and ecoorganological studies on natural materials and musical instruments (Allen 2023), the term “musical bamboos” expresses the use of native woody bamboos for wind instrument making in the Bolivian Andes. This short research report and related interactive Story Map (https://arcg.is/1iDe4u) introduce my research to the broader ecomusicological community and offer a preview of selected topics I deal with in my book project.