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From: Mark Pedelty, Mon, Feb 5, 2018 at 10:25 AM The floor is now open for a lively exchange around Jessica’s paper, Denise’s response, and the fascinating issues that they have introduced to get the conversation started. You can find Jessica’s paper and Denise’s response by revisiting your archived list of emails, the ER site, or [...]

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A Response to Jessica A. Schwartz’s “Listen and Learn”

By Denise Von Glahn [Note from Eseminar moderator Mark Pedelty, dated Jan 30, 2018: The Ecomusicology ESeminar moves to its second stage this week with Denise Von Glahn’s response to Jessica Schwartz’s manuscript, “Listen and Learn.” Please read Jessica’s piece if you have not had a chance yet, as well as Denise’s thoughtful [...]

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