2013 Women and the American Musical Landscape

2013 Expanding Ecomusicology: Exploring Sonic Culture and Environmental Change

2013 Hearing Landscape Critically

2013 Sequestering Tradition?: A Cultural Sustainability Symposium

2013 Modern Soundscapes

2013 Media Ecology Unplugged

2013 Animals and Empire Workshop

2013 Music and Ecologies of Sound

2013 Music and Environment Symposium

2012 Musicological Society of Australia Annual Conference

2012 Ecomusicologies

2012 AMS/SEM/SMT Annual Meeting

2012 ISEA Albuquerque: Machine Wilderness

2012 International Conference on Culture, Politics, & Climate Change

2012 The Global Composition

2012 Musical Environments

2012 Environmental Humanities & the Challenge of Multidisciplinarity

2012 Music of the Sea

2012 Hearing Landscapes Critically: Sense, Text, Ideology

2012 Music and Crisis

2012 Science & Method in the Humanities

2011 Music and Nature

2011 AMS Annual Meeting

2011 Balance-Unbalance

2011 Listening for a Change: Environment, Music, Action

2011 The Music of Nature: Sound Imitation in Ritual and Art

2011 World Forum for Acoustic Ecology: Crossing Listening Paths

2011 Place and Placelessness

2011 International Conference on Feminist Theory and Music: Looking Backward and Forward

2011 Music and Environment: Place, Context, Conjuncture

2011 Literature: Ecocriticism & Environment

2011 Animated Representations: Animals, Media and Place

2010 SEM Annual Meeting

2010 AMS Annual Meeting (includes transcript and audio)

2010 Conferences on Interdisciplinary Musicology

2010 Listening for the Future

2010 Nature’s Publics: The Making of Publics for Knowledge of the Natural World in Europe, 1500-1800

2009 AMS Annual Meeting (includes transcript and audio)

2009 The Changing Face of Music Education: Music and the Environment

2009 The Green Nineteenth Century

2008 AMS Annual Meeting (includes transcript and audio)

2007 AMS Annual Meeting

2007 ASLE Meeting

2006 Symposium “Music and Nature”

2005 AMS Annual Meeting

2004 AMS Annual Meeting

2003 AMS Annual Meeting

2002 AMS Annual Meeting