Of Human and Non-human Birds: Indigenous Music Making and Sentient Ecology in Northwestern Mexico
Helena Simonett
pages 99-108


Video to Figure 1: Yoreme tampoleero (flute-drum player) Ignacio Escalante Buitimea playing during a ceremonial function:


Video to Figure 2: Flute-drum player Ignacio Escalante Buitimea trancing (demonstration):


Pascola dance at a responso (honoring the dead); Yoreme community, northern Sinaloa, Mexico:


Deer dance at a child’s responso (honoring the dead); Yoreme community, northern Sinaloa, Mexico:




Itom yolem jiawi (Nuestros Sonidos Yoremes), a facebook page maintained by young community members to share pictures and short videos taken on their cellular phones:



Deer dance: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=655724494473068&set=vb.187759404602915&type=2&theater


Pascola dance: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=4698723315261&set=vb.187759404602915&type=2&theater


Documentary (in Spanish language) on indigenous tradition in the village of Tehueco, Sinlaoa (SEP, CDI, CCDI El Fuerte, 2004)